Ultralight laminates

Elements manufactured in this technology are characterized by the following parameters:

  • weight of the product up to 30% less compared to the production of a laminate in conventional technologies,
  • similar mechanical values to a standard laminate of the same thickness,
  • the possibility of further processing using standard methods (painting, tooling gluing, etc.)
  • flammability in accordance with the European Directive – 95/28 Annex IV, and V – possibility of use in the automotive industry,
  • Application for elements and liners both external and internal,
  • possibility of connecting and bonding metal adaptations, insulation etc.
  • repeatability and supervision of the technological process,
  • improved appearance of the product compared to hand lay-up lamination (the detail is smooth on both sides),
  • possibility to manufacture the elements in different versions: ‘raw’ gelcoat for painting, ready gelcoat, two-sided gelcoat.

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Examples of mechanical parameters of a tested laminate with a 3mm thickness
densitymaximum Tensile stressmaximum bending stressCharpy’s impact testtoughness by pushing a ball in – 358N loadthe content of fiberglass and fillersthe softening point under load
the heat deflection temperature
 d/cm3MPaMPakJ/m2 N/mm2%o Co C
1,12*63,3**115,248,95 52,936,44170-178210

*  – for example, the density for standard glass-reinforced polyester (hand lay-up) is approx. 1.5g / cm3
** – for example, “the maximum tensile stress” for standard glass-reinforced polyester (hand lay-up) is approx. 69 MPA

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