As a family-owned company, we are aware of the fact that the activities and decisions we make affect our customers, employees and their families as well as local communities and the environment.
That is exactly the reason why we want to make business decisions taking into account our responsibility towards the environment in which we operate.
Astromal’s Sustainability Strategy provides the framework for such decisions.

The pattern of the Sustainable Development Strategy is based on 6 directions:
three of them: “Eco_Logical Management”, “Eco_Logical Design” and “Eco_Logical Development” are the key elements. The other three directions play a supportive role and include: “Environmental protection”, ” Community involvement. Combining resources” and “Occupational safety, ethical culture and employee involvement”.

Objective: by 2030, Astromal will have used 50% of its production waste

// ECO_Logical Management
// ECO_Logical Design
// ECO_Logical Development

We want our products to protect the environment and natural resources to a large extent, therefore in our development activities we focus on the gradual introduction of a circular business model.

ikona ekologiczne zarządzanie

ECO_Logical Management – recycling and product life cycle.

We closely analyse what happens throughout the entire life cycle of a product (from extraction of raw materials, processing, up to the stage when a product may become waste). We aim to effectively “re-involve” waste in the economic cycle of products manufactured in Astromal and to extend the product life so that it becomes waste as late as possible.  We also implement solutions which improve the life cycle efficiency of our products.

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ECO_Logical Design – efficient use of resources

Sustainable waste management is one of our priorities. We implement a new approach to the design process – we seek to reduce the amount of resources used in the production and manufacturing process in a way that minimises the environmental impact. The main framework for design is, for instance, the re-use of existing resources (recycling), mainly waste.

ikona ekologiczny rozwój

ECO_Logical Development – research on innovation – development of a circular business model

We strive for innovation by prioritising the introduction of closed-loop process solutions in the near future, where waste from one process is used as a raw material for another, reducing production waste to the maximum.


We are very responsive to social problems and committed to environmental protection. We carry out these activities through education and support for the youngest generations as well as cooperation with our nearest surroundings. Our employees – their commitment, competence and know-how, which we develop and support – are the pillars of the opportunities we create for our surroundings.

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Through our actions we want to improve the quality of life. To achieve this, we set ourselves the goal of developing the Astrini Design furniture brand (Astromal brand), the items of which are becoming new objects in the public space, integrating local communities and promoting active lifestyle. In this way, we help to create the public space of the future.
Within the scope of corporate social responsibility, we actively operate in the area of sport and culture. Apart from our core business, we also engage in initiatives that complement cultural and sports projects financed from public funds.

ikona ochrona środowiska


We steadily reduce the scale of our environmental impact by optimising the efficiency of materials and resources used and by participating in initiatives that increase the awareness of our community regarding the ZERO WASTE lifestyle. Astromal’s objective is to involve a growing number of consumers who play a key role in the process of transforming the economy towards a circular business model. Thus, educational activities promote new values / behaviours:

  • reduction of consumption,
  • sharing instead of owning,
  • repair,
  • recycling.
ikona bezpieczeństwo i kultura pracy


Our employees’ professional qualifications and their commitment to work are invaluable. We listen to their ideas, guarantee a place for development and, through constant skill improvement and human resources management depending on individual competences, we invest in our future.

In the face of various challenges in local labour markets around the world, we actively invest in talent recruitment and development.

  • we promote equal opportunities in the workplace
  • we educate and develop our employees
  • we involve our employees in the development of Astromal and Astrini – Design brands