Hand lay-up laminates

A simple, manual molding method in which the product is produced by the overlapping of successive layers of suitable carrier materials.

The gel coat is applied in the first place by hand or spraying (using a special machine –  SPRAY / GUN version).

The carrier materials that give laminates relevant physico -mechanical properties (eg. tensile strength, elasticity, impact and compression strength, etc.) are most commonly fiberglass, technical fabrics, veils, coremats which are impregnated by hand with properly chosen resin.

Advantages of the method

  • the ability to manufacture components that vary in terms of size, weight, complexity, construction, etc.
  • relatively short tools preparation time (model + one sided mold)
  • low start-up cost of production in the hand lay-up method,
  • the profitability of method, already at the unit and small-series order level,
  • the possibility of placing additional adaptation of the assembly and / or reinforcements (metal adaptations, PU foam, spacers, etc.)
  • the possibility to manufacture SANDWICH type laminates, for example: Coremat-laminate-laminate; laminat- Parabeam-laminate, laminate-PU-foam laminate, etc.


Limitations of the method

Apart from technical limitations each method has (eg. Technological radii, wall inclinations) production in this method is pretty much unlimited. It is possible to manufacture all types of items, even those with the highest degree of difficulty and complexity.

  • possibility to obtain only one gelcoat surface from the mold side (usually unilateral molds)
  • the quality of the laminate depends to a large extent on the worker’s skills, the wall thickness tolerance is in range of 0.5 to 0.7 mm,
  • high unit production cost – at relatively low gear cost.


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