The obtained certifications are confirmation that our processes and products we deliver are of high and stable quality.

The desire to have certifications is the foundation for our company’s development. Quality, safety and improvements – we follow the trail over the years widening the circle of satisfied customers.


Quality creation is a process involving a number of areas, including human consciousness, technical, technological and economic aspects. The quality in line with customer requirements and the reliability of the company’s products is an opportunity for profits, the possibility of reducing production costs, and in consequence customer satisfaction and guarantee of their loyalty

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IMS POLICY (Integrated Management System Policy)

IMS POLICY (Integrated Management System Policy)

In order to meet the high demands and needs of the market, ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp. k. firmly and consistently strengthens its solid position among companies producing polyester-glass products and passenger seats for public transportation. In this area we design, manufacture tools and products, trade and service in accordance with the presented IMS Policy.

At the beginning of our journey, we set ourselves a number of tasks, which we continue to develop and perform with the utmost diligence to this day, in order to make ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp. k. a continuously trustworthy brand in the Polish and European markets. Satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We produce the highest quality components for the railroad, automotive, or medical industries, among others. We constantly strive to increase the company’s turnover and improve its competitiveness. We treat our suppliers as partners. As an organisation, we implement best practices, take submitted suggestions into account and learn from experience. It is also important for us to proactively innovate products, processes and services, and to work with respected developers and designers.

The main objective of the Company’s Management Board is to guarantee the highest level of products and comprehensive services to customers, and consequently to provide long-term prospects for the Company’s Employees. To achieve this, a well-coordinated, trained team and modern technological facilities are essential. That is why it is so important that the working environment is based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. We expect our employees to perform well at work, to be committed, to exchange information in an efficient manner. We believe in the strength and efficiency of the team, appreciate our Employees and take their needs into account.

We are committed to environmental protection. Our organisation prevents pollution, minimises waste generation and engages in waste recycling. Our priority is to meet and comply with legal and other requirements that the organisation has agreed to meet, as well as those requirements that relate to its environmental aspects. Continuous improvement is also used for the purpose of improving environmental performance. In taking measures to prevent negative environmental impacts, the organisation regularly sets and reviews environmental goals and objectives in an effort to achieve them.

The Management Board of ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp. k. declares that it is fully committed to promoting the Integrated Management System and all activities that result from the operation of this system. The top Management develops an organisational culture based on knowledge management. The Integrated Management System is subject to continuous improvement and updating in accordance with the Company’s development strategy.

In accordance with the main assumption relating to the technical safety of products, we want to assure customers that our company will not undertake an order for which it is not absolutely sure that it will meet all the quality requirements.

The Management Board of ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp. k. also ensures that all its Employees are aware that the tasks they perform affect the technical safety of the product and that they are responsible for it.

Our main goal is to ensure health and safety of colleagues and their families, customers, business partners, and local communities. That is why we have implemented recommended public health measures to stop the spread of the virus and respond to the situation on an ongoing basis.

Technical safety goals:

  • accepting orders in which we can fully meet Customers’ requirements in terms of quality, deadline and price,
  • refusing to execute orders in which it is doubtful or impossible to meet all the quality requirements set by the Customers (unless the Customer agrees to changes or exceptions to their requirements),
  • raising employees’ awareness of their impact on the technical safety of products,
  • in case of difficulties in meeting quality requirements, striving to prevent the occurrence of negative consequences.

We strongly believe that our responsible attitude in this regard and consistent implementation of the above Policy will contribute to the satisfaction of our existing Customers, as well as allow us to attract new ones. We also believe that this will result in the strengthening of our market and economic position.

Health and safety activities are the focus of our company’s attention and are an element supporting the implementation of our strategy. They are aimed at ensuring continuous improvement of working conditions and safety. The intention of ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp.k. is to ensure the greatest possible safety for its employees, as well as for everyone on the company’s premises.


  • prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases,
  • minimisation of harmful and onerous working conditions,
  • implementation of safe techniques and technologies,
  • improvement of organisation and working conditions,
  • compliance with the provisions and rules of health and safety.

Implementation through:

  • identification of potential hazards and assessment of risks at workplaces,
  • systematic research and monitoring of working environment conditions,
  • organisation of workplaces in accordance with the requirements of legal regulations on occupational safety and health,
  • provision of personal protective equipment appropriate to the type of work performed,
  • provision of effective implementation of periodic plans to improve working conditions,
  • systematic improvement of employees’ qualifications.

The content of the presented IMS Policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation. This policy is publicly available at the company’s website: www.astromal.pl.
The assumptions of the IMS Policy are periodically checked and revised.

The Management Board of ASTROMAL Spółka. z o.o sp. k

AS-KJ-4.2.2-Z03; 15th ed.; date: 2 June 2020


Overarching business objectives, the achievement of which determines the development of the company:

  • entering the segment of new rolling stock production,
  • increasing presence in the rail vehicle modernisation segment,

Implementation through:

  • basing the Integrated Management System on the requirements presented in ISO/TS 22163
    (a standard dedicated to the rail industry), the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as the industry normative requirements and legal regulations,
  • increasing production efficiency and quantity while improving quality,
  • providing comprehensive customer service, individually tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements,
  • preventing the occurrence of potential undesirable situations,
  • meeting confirmed deadlines for order fulfilment,
  • building a group of loyal suppliers and service providers to support us in the production process
    and subsequent service to our customers in accordance with the functioning of Astromal’s
    Integrated Management System,
  • evaluating suppliers and service providers to ensure that they have the ISO 9001 certification or other quality management system,
  • continuous improvement of employees’ qualifications,
  • Management reviews and continuous updating of the business plan and development strategy.

Customer warranty:

  • we meet all the Customer’s requirements related to the implementation of the entrusted project,
  • we provide product service during the entire life cycle;
  • our products are made in accordance with ISO/TS 22163, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards, as well as other standards and applicable laws;
  • we operate according to the principle of continuous improvement (PDCA);we comply with current legal regulations and other requirements, including Customer requirements;
  • we establish, maintain and test plans for possible emergency situations;

Consistent implementation of the above goals, professionalism, attention to the highest quality of products and to every detail, as well as vast experience, make ASTROMAL spółka. z o. o. sp. k. a very strong and reliable brand in the market, trusted by an ever-growing number of Customers from all over Europe.

The Management Board of ASTROMAL Spółka. z o.o sp. k

AS-KJ-4.2.2-Z03; 15th ed.; date: 2 June 2020